Updated On 02.04.2020

Beintehaa Title Theme Music

Ishq Dua Ishq Khuda (Ni Sa Ri Sa)

Ishq Dua Ishq Khuda (With Dialogues)

Zain's Bg Tune 1

Ishq Ka Jazba Sabse Juda Hai

Beintehaa Beintehaa (Zain Aaliya's Sad Duet) With Dialogues)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 10 (Aaliya Cheering Zain)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 11 (Aaliya Zain Locked In Cold Storage Room)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 12 (Aaliya Writing Letter)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 13 (Secret Of Barkat Revealed)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 14 (Shabana Crying Near Usman's Wheelchair)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 15 (Aaliya's Nikkha With Bilal)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 16 (Aaliya Zain Mix Tunes With Dialogues)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 17 (Aaliya's Humming Tune When She Thinks About Zain)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 18 (Zain Aaliya Living The Shelter In Jungle)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 19 (Zain Aaliya Sleeping) (Ishq Hi Hai Khuda)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 20 (Aaliya Zain Thinking About Each Other)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 21 (Aaliya Zain in Room Female Humming Tune)

Beintehaa Bg Tune 22 (Zain Aaliya Dramatic Tune During Aaliya's Nikkah)

Beintehaa Title Song (Duet Version) (Laye Tum Kahan Pairon Ka Jahaan)

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    Ishq hi tadap hai full

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    43 Arav shuxhi bg tune

  3. Beintehaa serial episode 110 date 30 May 2014 zain and aaliya love scene in fire. They both say I Love You to each other and make some promises to each other.