Yeh Dil Hai (Female Version)

Updated On 04.04.2020

Punar Vivaah Opening Montage Tune

Punar Vivaah Title Song (Male Version Bg Tune) (With Dialogues)

Aarti's Bg Tune 1

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 2

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 3

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 1

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 2

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 3

Yash Aarti's Bg Tune 1 (With Dialogues)

Yash Aarti's Bg Tune 2 (With Dialogues)

Yeh Dil Hai (Instrumental Version 1)

Yeh Dil Hai (Instrumental Version 2)

Yeh Dil Hai (Female New Version) by Pamela Jain

Gananayakay Ganadaivataya (Lord Ganesh Aarti)

Aarti's Sad Haldi Bg Tune

Yash's Haldi Bg Tune

Updated On 14.05.2020

Aarti & Paridhi's Grahpravesh Bg Tune

Shobha's Happy Bg Tune

Shobha's Sad Bg Tune

Aarti Prashant's Bg Tune 1

Aarti's Sad Flute Bg Tune (Including Yeh Dil Hai)

Aarti's Tension Bg Tune

Naino Se Yeh Milkar Naina (Title Song Male Version)

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 4

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 5

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 6

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 7

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 4

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 5

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 6

Punar Vivah Bg Tune (Short Guitar)

Teri Har Ada Mohabbat Si Lagti Hai (Aarti's Shayari)

Punar Vivah Bg Tune 1 (Aarti Plans a Dinner With Yash)

Punar Vivah Title Song (Instrumental Different Version)

Updated On 28.05.2020

Punar Vivaah Dramatic Bg Tune 8 (Sad Humming Tune)

Punar Vivaah Happy Bg Tune 7 (Humming Tune) (Aaaa Aaaa...)

Jhijhak Si Hai Koi Halki (Yeh Dil Hai Female Version)

Updated On 18.06.2020

Punar Vivaah Family Bg Tune

Aarti's Sad Dramatic BG Tune

Punar Vivaah Sad Bg Tune 2

Punar Vivaah Sad Bg Tune 3

Sarita Raj's Bg Tune 1

Sarita's Sad Bg Tune 1

Sarita's Emotional Bg Tune

Updated On 05.07.2020

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  1. 0.58 secs that music is missing

  2. (1) punar vivah episode22
    Opening montage
    Timing;- 0;1 to 0;5

    (2) happy bg
    Timing;- 0;10 to 0;29
    Timing;- 0:30 to 0;48

    (3) aarti bg
    Timing;- 0;49 to 1;09

    (4) aarti and yash bg
    Timing;- 1;10 to 2;09

    (5) aarti and yash bg
    Timing;- 2;11 to 3;23

    (6) dramatic bg
    Timing;- 6;39 to 7;15

    (7) intermental bg
    Timing;- 6;39 to 7;15

    (8) lord ganesh aarti bg
    Timing;- 8:12 to 10;21

    (9) dramatic tune
    Timing;- 13;05 to 13;38


    (10) punar vivah episode 23
    Happy bg
    Timing; 1;28 to 2;14

    (11) happy family
    Timing;- 6;55 to 8;18

    (12) dramatic bg
    Timing;- 9;40 to 11;18

    (13) aarti sad
    Timing;- 11:14 to 12;40

    (14) title male version bg tune
    Timing;- 18;58 to 20:12


  3. When Ansh goes his new school first time and he dosen't wants to go and when he comes to school and aarti comes to receive ansh and palak payal then one bg tune is there please upload that.....

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  5. Plz send me kanha God song aarati & her moterlow sing

  6. Punar vivah episode 92....13.27min Yeh Dil Hai Female v1 by Pamela Jain plz update

  7. Punar vivah episode 2 Ye dil hai instrument jab Yash arti k upar ful barsay ga and episode 7 Ye dil hai instrument plz update ending time

  8. Punar Vivah episode 126 15.36min Jhijhak Jaisi koi Halki(yeh dil hai)by Pamela Jain

  9. Punar vivah episode 133 2.26min jo humming music hai

  10. Punar vivaah episode 144 Yash Sad Tune For Kids 2min

  11. Plz upload Jhijhak jaisi koi halki song episode 126 15.36min

  12. (1) punar vivah episode 2
    Aarti and prashant bg tune
    Timing;- 19;10 to 20;14

    (2) punar vivah episode 32
    Happy bg tune
    Timing;- 10;43 to 11;15

    (3) title song male
    Timing;- 11;17 to 12;54

    (4) Happy bg tune
    Timing;- 12;55 to 13;24

    (5) title song intermental differentt
    Timing;- 13;45 to 14;37

    (6) sobha happy bg tune
    Timing;- 20;53 to 21:29

    (7) happy bg tune
    Timing;- 22:32 to 22;55

    (8) dramatic bg tune 1
    Timing;- 31;36 to 32;15

    (9) dramatic bg tune 2
    Timing;- 32;22 to 34;17

    (10) punar vivah episode 35
    Sobha sad
    Timing;- 8;48 to 9;46

    (11) aarti and paridhi grahpravesh bgm music
    Timing;- 15:25 to 16;54

    (12) aarti tension bg
    Timing- 17;59 to 18;51

    (13) dramatic bg 3
    Timing;; 19;41 to 20;08

    (14) sort guitar touching bg tune
    Timing;- 20;36 to 20;54

    (15) dramatic bg tune 4
    Timing;- 20;55 to 23;19

    Please sanjay sir upload kijiye

  13. Punar Vivaah episode 206 (on 4th December 2012) missing the music timing- 1:50-2:50. Please upload the music, when Aarti plan a dinner with Yash and Yash was romantic please upload the music of male theme.
    Please please please.. the music is awesome.. like the love and respect is toward in this...

  14. Pls upload that shayri when aarti n yash remember their romantic moments together in the episode no 323 the time is 2.25

  15. Punar vivah episode 248 Aarti Sad Flute Tune 12.17minit

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  17. Jhijhak Jaisi koi halki song by Pamela jain is not uploaded episode 126....15.36min plz update

  18. Punar vivah episode 179 16.14 dramatical fast humming tune

  19. Punar vivah episode 280 6.14min Dramatical Sad fast Hummming version

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  21. Punar vivah episose 315 15.50min aarti Sad dramatical tune
    Episose 316 Start se family Bg Flute Tune

  22. Please Sir

    Zee tv channel old serial

    12/24 karol baug

    (1) episode 1
    Title song
    Timing;- 0;1 to 0;58

    (2) happy bg tune
    Timing;- 1;00 to 1;40

  23. Punar vivah ek nayi umeed season 2 plz upload

  24. Punar vivah 330 3.36min Dramatical humming tune plz upload

  25. Punar vivah episose 332 5.43min dramatical tune 2 plz update

  26. Punar vivah episose 328 Sarita Sad bg Tune.
    22.07 min

  27. Punar vivah episose 357 Starting time se Saritas Bg Imotion Tune

  28. Punar vivah episose 364 10.13min Sarita Raj Bg Tune

  29. Punar vivah 378 episode ka end ka music

  30. Sanjay sir facebook per post kijiye

  31. Punar vivah episode 414 10.34min Sarita Sad Tune plz add

  32. Punar vivah episode 440 16.57min Yeh Dil hai fast Short Humming tune

  33. Punar vivah episode 354 3.31min Raj Bg Fast tune

  34. Punar vivah punar 441 10.10min Sarita Bikrant Bg Tune

  35. PunarVivah serial songs season-2 (Zee Tv)
    Songs name
    Divya mukda
    Raj mukda
    Karan mukda