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Note 1: Let us know if we missed any other songs or BG tunes of the show.So that we can try to add them to the list.

Note 2: Please request the songs with aired dates (or) episode no. if possible with song/tune timing.


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    Life ok channel serial

    Gustakh dil serial

    Bg music

    . Gustak Dil serial songs (Life Ok)
    Songs name
    a) Gustakh Dil short happy version
    S1 E1 , Timing 34:21
    b) Lajjo bg tune 1
    S1 E1, Timing 02:31
    c) Hamre gaaon maa
    S1 E4, Timing 08:14
    d) Na daag kauno (rakhiye tanik khayal v1)
    S1 E14, Timing 4:46
    e) Betiya janam ke
    S1 E16, Timing 3:18
    f) Aamiyan ki gathiyan (Rakhiye tanik khayal v2)
    S1 E18, Timing 19: 21
    g) Gustakh Dil V1 teri uljhane
    S2 E4, Timing 4:38
    h) Lajjo Nikhil bg tune
    S2, E6, Timing 5:06
    I) Lajjo tune v2
    S2 E8, Timing 13:11
    j) Babul mohe na bhul
    S3 E2, timing 16:34
    k) Gustakh Dil V2 female
    S3 E7, Timing 12:03
    l) Jab se tere sapno ne short version
    SE E8, Timing 1:44
    m) Jab se tere sapno ne version 1
    S4 E1, Timing 12:11
    n) Lajjo tune v3
    S4 E14, Timing 12:35
    o) Lajjo sad tune
    S4 E19, Timing 1:40
    p) Jab se tere sapno ne version
    S6 E1, Timing 17:10
    q) Meri khusi tumse judi
    S6 E4, Timing 1:22
    r) Lajjo tune v4
    S6 E9, Timing 6:02
    s) Lajjo tune v5
    S6 E11, Timing 7:23
    t) Haal-e-dil V1
    S7 E2, Timing 21:34
    u) Haal-e-dil V2
    S7 E4, Timing 5:14
    v) Haal-e-dil V3
    S7 E23 , Timing 14:11
    w) Haal-e-dil v4
    S8 E2, Timing 15:14
    x) Koi gila tumse nahi
    S8 E7, Timing 14:04
    y) Tum kisi aur ko chaho
    S8 E13, Timing 40:36
    z) Tujhse jakar jude
    S8 E14, Timing 18:26
    I) Agar kisi Aur ko chaho full
    S8 E14, Timing 16:49
    ii) Do dil bichde
    S8 E15, Timing 19:41
    iii) Aamiyan ki gathiyan version 2
    S9 E1, Timing 5:33
    iv) Kaash Tum padh bhi lete Gustakh Dil Title
    S9 E11, Timing 27:21
    v) Ru bu ru tu hai kahi
    S10 E1, Timing 15:55
    vi) Tujhe aaj jiski short version (male dil ne ki hai gustakhiyan)
    S10 E3 , Timing 36:51
    vii) Kyun bheed mein aaj (male dil ne ki hai gustakhiyan)
    S10 E3, Timing 29:19
    viii) Teri uljhane full Gustakh Dil male
    S10 E8, Timing 17:58
    ix) Rabba ve maaf karna
    S10 E13, Timing 10:58
    x) Meri roshini andheron mein thi (male dil ne ki hai gustakhiyan)
    S10 E14, Timing 17:35
    xi) Jo thi meri ruh mein ghuli (male dil ne ki hai gustakhiyan)
    S10 E14, Timing 7:39
    xii) Tujhe aaj jiski version 2 full
    S10 E15, Timing 9:45
    xiii) Meri khusi tumse judi male and female
    S10 E20, Timing 17:05
    xiv) jaan ve version
    S11 E1, Timing 15:18
    xv) Jaan ve version 2
    S11 E2, Timing 21:27
    xvi) Jo khwaab tha male
    S13 E27, Timing 2:56
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