Updated On 05.04.2020

Alek's Happy Bg Tune 1

Alek's Sad Bg Tune 1

Bidaai Baarat Bg Tune 1

Bidaai Baarat Bg Tune 2

Bidaai Happy Bg Tune 1

Bidaai Happy Bg Tune 2

Bidaai Happy Bg Tune 3

Bidaai Happy Bg Tune 4

Bidaai Happy Bg Tune 5

Bidaai Happy Family Bg Tune 1

Bidaai Sehnayi Bg Tune 1

Bidaai Happy Theme Music 1 (Sa Sa Ri Ni Sa Ma Pa)

Bidaai Happy Theme Music 2 (Ragni's Happy Movements)

Bidaai Happy Theme Music 3 (La La La Lala...) (With Dialogues)

Bidaai Title Happy Instrumental Humming Bg Tune (Sa Sa Ri Ga..)

Bidaai Title Song Sad Humming Bg Tune

Bidaai Title Song Happy (Duet Version)

Kaise Ab Mehkegi (Title Song Happy Male Version)

Kanya Ke Daan Hai Ya Imtehaan (Title Song Sad Version)

Kanya Ke Daan Waali Haath Hi Roothe (Title Song Sad Version)

Kaushalya Happy BG Tune 1

Kaushalya Happy BG Tune 2

Kaushalya Sad BG Tune 1

Prakash Sad Bg Tune 1

Om Jai Jagdish Hare (Sadhana's Morning Aarti Song)

Ragini Saket's Love Bg Tune 1

Saket's Love Bg Tune

Sharma Family Happy Bg Tune 1

Sharma Family Sad Bg Tune

Sadhana Saket Love Bg Tune 1

Sadhana Saket Love Bg Tune 2

Sadhana Sad Bg Tune 2

Sadhana’s Happy Bg Tune 2 (Lala La La...)

Sadhana's Grahpravesh Bg Tune (Sa SaRi Ni Sa..)

Ragini's Grahpravesh Bg Tune 1

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 1 (Aa Aa)

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 2 (Aa Aa)

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 3 (Aa Aa)

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 4 (Sa Ni Sa Ga)

Ragini's Sad Flute Bg Tune

Ragini Ranvir's Romantic Love Theme (Flute Version)

Ragini Ranvir's Love Bg Tune 1 (Ni Sa Ni Sa Ga Sa...)

Ragini Ranvir Wedding Song (Tere Man Ke Jo Armaan)

Updated On 22.04.2020

Alekh Sadhana Wedding Bg Tune (Sehnayi)

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 5

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 6

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 7 (Full Version)

Ragini's Happy Bg Tune 8

Sadhana Sad Bg Tune 3 (Violin Version)

Updated On 28.05.2020

Alekh Sadhana's Happy Bg Tune 1 (La La La...)

Alekh's Sad Bg Tune (Ra Ra Ra...)

Sadhana Sad Bg Tune 4 (Aa Aaa Aa...)

Yeh Nazar Jahan Tak Aaye (Dil Janiya) (With Dialogues)

Dil Janiya Mere Dil Janiya (Alekh Sadhana's Happy Rain Version)

Dil Janiya Mere Dil Janiya (Alekh Sadhana's Love Song)

Dil Janiya Mere Dil Janiya (Sad Duet Version) (With Dialogues)

Dil Janiya Mere Dil Janiya (Sad Male Humming Tune)

Dil Janiya Mere Dil Janiya Happy Bg Song (Short Version 1)

Dil Janiya Mere Dil Janiya Happy Bg Song (Short Version 2)

Saanson Ki Sargam Gaaye (Dil Janiya Duet Version)

Updated On 3.09.2020

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  5. Dramtic background music

  6. Ragini dramatic background music.

  7. Please sanjay sir

    Bidai serial

    Ragini and ranvir full bg tune


  8. Bidai serial

    Vasundhara bg tune


  9. Bidai serial

    (1) Dil janiya mere dil janiya full song male version


    (2) ragini godh-bharai song


  10. Sadhna and alex song full
    ( Piya o piya sanwariya)


  11. Bidai serial

    Ragini and ranveer full bg music


  12. Bidai serial full bg music


  13. Bidai serial bg music


  14. Bidai serial bg music


  15. Sapna babul ka...Bidaai
    Episode :- 22
    Season :- 01
    12 November 2007

    Ragini dramatic bg tune
    Time :- ( 11;52 to 12;48 )

    Episode :- 02
    Season :- 07
    22 July 2009

    Prakash sharma happy bg tune
    Time :- ( 10;53 to 11;21 )

    Episode :- 25
    Season :- 05
    10 march 2009

    Sad theme bg tune 1
    Time :- ( 13;58 to 14;52 )

    Alek piano bg tune
    Time :- ( 18;29 to 19;25 )

    Episode :- 85
    Season :- 04
    26 January 2009

    Sadhna sad BG tune
    Time :- ( 14;41 to 15;07 )

    Episode :- 86
    Season :- 04
    27 January 2009

    Kausalya sad bg tune
    Time :- ( 15;30 to 16;26 )

    Episode :- 87
    Season :- 04
    28 January 2009

    Prakash BG diolouge
    Time :- ( 16;45 to 19;08 )