Nanda's Family Bg Tune

Reeva’s Entry Bg Tune

Jaane Mujhe Kya Ho Gaya (Title Song Male Sad Version)

Tu Saamne Hai Humko (Title Song Female Sad Version)

Socha Nahi Samjha Nahi (Title Song Male Happy Version)

Ved’s BG Tune (Kkavyanjali's Son)

Yug’s Sad Bg Tune

Updated On 26.07.19

Nitya Nanda’s Sad Bg Tune 1

Nitya Nanda’s Sad Bg Tune 2

Dr. Soham’s Sad Bg Tune 1

Dr. Soham’s Sad Bg Tune 2

Kkavya Anjali's Sweet Dialogues 1

Kkavya Anjali's Sweet Dialogues 2

Anjali's Sad Dialogues 1

Kkavyanjali Soft Bg Tune 1

Kkavyanjali Title Short Bg Tune (Piano Version)

Updated On 22.11.19

Anjali Nitya Nanda's Bg Tune

Anjali's Birthday Bg Tune

Baoji's Bg Tune

Dr. Soham Reeva’s Romantic Bg Tune 1 (Short Version)

Dr. Soham Reeva’s Romantic Bg Tune 2 (Full Version)

Nitya Nanda’s Villanious Bg Tune 1

Kavya Anjali's Marriage Mantra

Kavya Anjali's Sad Love Tune

Ghalin Lotangan Ganesha’s Tune

Karmanye Vadhika Raste Mantra Tune

Nitya Nanda’s Villian Bg Tune (Kavya’s Mom)

Pammi Anjali's Sad Bg Tune

Pammi’s Sad Bg Tune (Kavya’s second Wife)

Daadi’s Bg Tune

Dadaji’s Bg Tune

Shaurya’s Fast Bg Tune

Shaurya’s Mom Bg Tune

Shaurya’s Sad Bg Tune 1 (Kavya’s Cousin)

Shaurya’s Sad Bg Tune 2 (Extended Version)

Soham Ved's Bg Tune

Yug Anjali's Love Bg Tune

Yug Kavya Quarrel Bg Tune

Do Dil Mile Dil Ne Kaha (Title Song Happy Female Version)

Tum Jo Mile Aisa Lage (Title Song Happy Male Version)

Uljhan Hai Kya Kya Raaz Hai (Title Song Sad Female Version)

Updated On 23.04.2020

Kkavyanjali Bg Tune 1

Kkavyanjali Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Anjali's Attachment Bg Tune

Kavya Anjali's Bg Tune 1

Kavya Anjali's Romantic Bg Tune 1

Kavya Anjali's Romantic Bg Tune 2

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha (Aarti)

Pranamya Shirasa Devam (Ganesh Stotra)

Nitya Sad Bg Tune 1 (Aa Aa Aa..)

Kkavyanjali Title Song (Instrumental Flute Version)

Kkavyanjali Title Song (Instrumental Mix Version)

Kkavyanjali Title Song (Instrumental Piano Version)

Kkavyanjali Title Song (Instrumental Sad Version)

Kkavyanjali Title Song (Instrumental Version)

Kkavyanjali Title Song (Short Instrumental Sad Version)

Woh Miley The Yun Miley The (Acapella Version)

Ye Wadaiyan Ye Mastaniyan (Title Song Happy Female Version)

Hum Mile The Kuch Is Tarah (Title Song Sad Male Version)

Aaye The Hum Kya Soch Ke (Title Song Sad Female Version)

Main Kisi Ki Ho Chuki Hoon (Title Song Sad Female Version)

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Note 2: Please request the songs with aired dates (or) episode no. if possible with song/tune timing.


  1. Please sir add more kavyanjali songs

  2. Serial yahaan main ghar ghar kheli songs

  3. Serial kitni mohabbat hai season 1 arjun sad tune please

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  5. Sir qubool hai serial ki bgm add kr dijiye

  6. Can you upload kkavyanjili added bgm

  7. Please add the full sad background tune of kavya-anjali here its half only... and the same tune has happy version also...

  8. Sir please add the romantic love tune of kavya and Anjali (saxophone tune) and also the same tune in it's sad version

  9. please ye jo kavyanjali ki sad bgm hai ye wali full upload kr dijiye.... "heyy...... hey hey.... hey hey hey"

  10. (1) Kavyanjali episode 344
    Bgm music
    Timing;- 7;16 to 7;53

    (2) kavyanjali episode 344
    Bg mantra
    Timing;- 11:30 to 13;02

    (3) kavyanjali episode 344
    Kavyanjali sad bg song
    Timing;; 13:04 to 14:21

  11. (1) kavyanjali episode 345 last episode
    Dramatic bg tune
    Timing;- 11:33 to 11;57

    (2) kavyanjali episode 345 last episode
    Bg tune
    Timing;; 19;43 to 20;42

  12. (1) kavyanjali episode 2
    Intermental title song
    Timing;- 3:02 to 4;22

    (2) kavya and anjali romantic bg
    Timing;- 15;52 to 16;41

    (3) kavya and anjali romantic
    Timing;- 18;16 to 18;49

    (4) title song piano
    Timing;- 9;5 to 9;25

  13. (1) kavyanjali episode 20
    Sad title song intermental
    Timing;_ 1;46 to 2;47

    (2) kavyanjali episode 47
    Kavya and anjali bg tune
    Timing- 15:21 to 15;55

    (3) kavyanjali episode 105
    Nitya and anjali bg
    Timing;- 1;17 to 3;33

    (4) kavyanjali episode 245
    Title flute bg tune
    Timing;- 10;40 to 11;30

    (5) kavya and anjali bg
    Timing;- 9;23 to 9;40

    (6) kavya and anjali bg
    Timing;- 11:33 to 12;45

    (7) kavyanjali episode 269
    Morning aarti
    Timing;- 5;24 to 6;50

    (8)nitya sad
    Timing;- 14;04 to 14;35

    (9) kavyanjali episode 307
    Ye wadiya ye mastiyan bg song
    Timing;- 10;06 to 11;18

    (10) title sad
    Timing;- 11:35 to 12:05

    (11) title intermental remix
    Timing;- 14:19 to 15;03

    (12) anjali attachment bg
    Timing;- 19;11 to 19;44

    (13) kavyanjali episode 245
    Hum mile the kuch is tarah sad song
    Timing;- 12:47 to 13;47

    Next week me koun koun se serial updated hoga sir

  14. (1) kitni mohabbat hai dangal tv channel
    3nd April 2020
    Aarohi and bg tune
    Timing;- 13;20 to 14;44

    (2) bg tune
    Timing;- 15;15to 15;32