Updated On 19.07.2019

Hasratein Title Song (Instrumental Flute Version)

Hasratein Title Song (Happy Instrumental Flute Version)

Hasratein Hi Hasratein Hai Aur Kya Hai

Hasratein Hi Hasratein Hai

Bobby's Funny Bg Tune

Hasratein Title Song (Instrumental Version 1)

Hasratein Title Song (Instrumental Version 2)

Hasratein Title Song (Instrumental Version 3)

Hasratein Title Song (New Version)

Hasratein Title Song (Sad Instrumental Flute Version)

Kahin Hasratein Iss Dil Mein Hai (Title Song Sad Version)

Kitna Main Tarsi Tujhe Dekhne Ko

Mansi Bobby Funny Bg Tune

Professor Sham Sad Bg Tune

Santa Ben Sad Bg Tune

Savi Sham Happy Bg Tune 1

Savi Sham Happy Bg Tune 2

Savi Sham Love Bg Tune

Savi Sham Sad Bg Tune

Savi Sham's Bg Tune 1

Yeh Safar Hamko Le Chala

Updated On 18.06.2020

Chale Kahan Batayein Dil (Romantic Bg Song)

Petter's Happy Bg Song (Much After We Are Gone)

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    1. Hasratein ( zeetv )

      Episode 36

      1. Petter happy BG song ( voice English )
      ( Timing 1:42-2:45 ).

      Episode 90

      2. " Chale Kahan Batayein Dil Chale Kahan " romantic BG song
      ( Savi - KT ) - ( 1996-1998 )
      ( Timing 20:17-23:17 ).