Chandra Nandini Star Plus Serial Songs Download | Chandra Nandini (2016) Serial Songs Download

Updated On 16.02.2020

Nandini's Bg Tune 1

Nandini's Bg Tune 2

Nandini's Romantic Bg Tune (Piano Version) (With Dialogues)

Padmanand Nandini Bg Tune

Nandini's Bg Tune (Instrumental Mix)

Dharma Sad Bg Tune (Fast Version)

Dharma Bindusar Romantic Bg Tune (Fast Version)

Karyeshu Manthri Karaneshu Dasi (Shloka)

Chandra Nandini Sad Theme Music

Chandra Nandini's Romantic Tune (Fast Version)

Chandra Durdhara Love Theme

Chandra Gupt Intro Theme 2

Chandra Helena Love Theme

Bole Mere Rangrasiya (Full Version)

Chandra - Nandini's Funny Bg Tune

Updated 12.02.2020

Bindusar's Entry Bg Tune

Bolo Mere Rangrasiya Bolo Mere Manbasiya

Chandra & Nandni Love Bg Tune 1

Chandra & Nandni Love Bg Tune 2

Nandini Feeding Chandra on Teej Bg Tune

Chandra Nandini Ending Bg Tune

Dharma Entry Bg Tune

Chandra & Nandni Love Theme 4

Chandra & Nandni Love Theme 5

Ishq Mein Aaye Na Kabhi Bhi Judaai Song

Main Ne Shiv Ko Manaya

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Note 2 : Please request the songs with aired dates (or) episode no. if possible with song/tune timing.


  1. Please please upload dil to happy hai ji rocky theme song from episode 60 time 3:46 until 4:48

  2. Please upload ansh and pia theme song from nazar show star plus episode 204 time 11:54 until 13:53

  3. Admin please update new tunes from Sasural simar ka

  4. Season 3 episode 12 shiv Ko Manya shiv man Gye song please

  5. (1) chandranandini episode 12
    Season 3
    19 January 2017
    (1) shiv ko manya shiv man gaye female version
    Timing;- 6;00 to 8;44

    (2) chandra and nandini bg
    Timing;- 8;48 to 9:25

    (3) chandra and nandini bg
    Timing;- 13:35 to 15;21

  6. (1) chandranandini episode 12
    Season 6
    17 August 2017
    Chandra and nandini ( ishq me aawe na judai song)
    Timing;- 6;18 to 7:31

    (2) chandra and nandini
    Timing;- 18;47 to 19:42

  7. (1) chandranandini episode 2
    4 August 2017
    Bindusar entry
    Timing;- 9;10 to 11;08

    (2) bg tune entry
    Timing;- 18;04 to 18:22

    (3) ending bgm
    Timing:- 20:22 to 20:36

  8. (1) chandranandini episode 36
    Season 6
    20 September 2017
    Chandra and nandini romantic love song
    ( Bolo mere rangrasiya manbasiya )
    Timing;-.8:25 to 10;33

  9. And

    Episode 36
    Chandra and nandini bg
    Timing;- 12;57 to 13;53

  10. ek song tha baaje dhol baaje kartaal jispe roopa naachi thi saraab ke nashe me wo bhi please