Saat Phere Title Song (Sad Version) (Waqt Ke Saath Jaane Kitne Hi)

Saat Phere Title Humming Tune

Kukki Kaki’s Entry Bg Tune 1

Kukki Kaki’s Entry Bg Tune 2

Kukki Kaki’s Entry Bg Tune 3

Kamini’s Entry Bg Tune

Saath Phere Flute Title Song

Saath Phere Instrumental Title Song

Kamini Entry Bg Tune

Sweta Entry Bg Tune 1

Sweta Entry Bg Tune 2

Sabri Entry BG Tune 1

Sabri Entry BG Tune 2

Saloni Grahpravesh Bg Tune

Karwa Chauth BG Tune

Saat Phere Dramatic BG Tune 1

Saloni Sad BG Tune 1

Tere Payaliyan Song

Tumhari Khwaishon Mein Hai (Tere Payaliyan Sad Version)

Ha Mere Suron Mein (Tere Payaliyan Happy Version)

Saath Phere Happy Bg Tune 1

Kyon Kee Itna Pyar Tumko (Saloni Nahar Theme Song)

Kyunki Itna Pyar Tum Ko( Instrumental Happy Love Theme) (With Dialogues)

Saat Phere Saloni Ka Safar Title Song (Flute Version)

Saat Phere Title Song (Humming Tune 1) (Aa Aa Aa..)

Saat Phere Title Song (Humming Tune 2) (La La La..)

Saat Phere Title Song Humming Tune (La La La ) (With Dialogues)

Saat Phere Title Song (Sad Instrumental Violin Version)

Kaveri Villen Bg Tune

Saloni Happy Bg Tune 1

Saloni Happy Bg Tune 2

Saloni Nahar Bg Tune (With Dialogues)

Saat Phere Dramatic Bg Tune 2

Saat Phere Dramatic Bg Tune 3

Neel Sad Bg Tune

Saloni Nahar Happy Bg Tune (Kyunki Itna Pyar Tum Ko Tune)

Nahar Saloni Love Theme Music

Saat Phere Title Song (Sad Instrumental Flute Tune)

Saat Phere Title Song (Sad Humming Tune)

Tere Payaliyan Happy Instrumental Tune (La La Lala...)

Aye Sanam Aye Sanam Tujhko Chaha (Tere Payaliyan Sad Version)

Hathon Mein Tere Kis Aur Ka Haath Hai (Tere Payaliyan Sad Version)

Behta Hai Mann Kahi (Bhage Rey Mann Kahi) (Saloni Nahar Love Song)

Kyunki Itna Pyar Tum Ko (Saloni Nahar Love Song)

Saloni Nahar Love Theme (Kyunki Itna Pyar Tum Ko)

Chupke Chupke Dil Yeh Pooche

Nandini Prachandini (Kaali Maa Mantra)

Updated On 12.04.2020

Gayatri Bai Sa's Sad Bg Tune

Gayatri Bai Sa's Happy Bg Tune

Waqt Ke Saath Jaane (Title Song Female Version)

Updated On 28.05.2020

Saat Phere Opening Montage

Yeh Dil Laya Hai Bahaar (Kya Kehna)

Waqt Ke Saat Jaane Kitne Hi (Title Song Sad Version)

Saath Phere Happy Bg Tune 2

Saath Phere Happy Bg Tune 3

Saath Phere Happy Bg Tune 4

Saath Phere Happy Bg Tune 5 (Teej Tune)

Saat Phere Dramatic Bg Tune 4

Saat Phere Rajasthani Dance Bg Tune

Lullaby Song (Saloni Sings for her Children)

Saloni Mother Sad Bg Tune

Tujhe Dekh Dekh Sona Song

Saat Phere BG Mantra Tune

Updated On 05.07.2020

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  1. Sath there episode 1 instrumental titlesong timing 27:58-28:27 plz upload

  2. Please upload hasratein old zeetv show all bgm

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Please upload kajjal instrumental titlesong

  5. Please Sir

    Zee tv channel serial

    Hitler didi

    Episode 118

    (1) bg song
    Timing:- 12;41 to 13:35

    (2) bg song
    Timing;- 13:57 to 17:38

  6. Serial Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi songs and background music

  7. Please upload kyunki itna pyar tumko saloni nahar theme song please

  8. Saat phere last episode 854 aired on 28 May,2009 on zeetv background tune from timing 14:55 to 17:40.Kindly upload it.

  9. Sath phero me

    (1) episode 853
    Sad title song
    Timing;-6;38 to 8;21

    (2) lullaby of saloni singsing her children bg song
    Timing;- 9;00 to 9;54

    (3) rajsthani dance bg tune
    Timing;- 10;42 to 12;25

  10. Sath phero me

    (1) episode 157
    Happy bg tune
    Timing;- 1:17 to 1:40

    (2) saloni mother sad tune
    Timing;- 14:11 to 14:36

    (3) bg song
    Timing;- 23;08 to 24;23

    (4) tujhe dekh dekh sona song
    Timing;- 24:24 to 26;22

    (5) dramatic tune
    Timing;- 26;23 to 29:23

    (6) episode 498
    Happy bg tune
    Timing;- 8;50 to 9;46

    (7) happy bg tune
    Timing;- 13:37 to 15;17

    (8) happy bg tune
    Timing;- 15:29 to 16;40

    (9) bg mantra
    Timing;- 16;43 to 17;38

    (10) opening montage
    Timing;- 23;17 to 23:22

  11. Sath phero me

    (1) episode 830
    Faimly happy bg tune
    Timing- 1;07 to 1:30

    (2) shweta entry bg tune
    Timing;- 1;57 to 2:23

    (3) shweta bg tune
    Timing;- 2:37 to 3:23

    (4) sanwari entry bg tune
    Timing;- 4;04 to 4;44

    (5) sanwari bg tune
    Timing;- 5;12 to 5;41

    (6) shweta and sanwari bg tune
    Timing;- 6;17 to 6;48


  12. Sath phero me

    Episode 836

    Bg music

    Timing;- 19;33 to 20;05

  13. Sanwari sad bg tune

    Timing;- 1;24 to 1;53

  14. Saath phere ( zeetv )

    Episode 330

    1. Dramatic BG tune 5
    Timing 21-36-25:15.

    Episode 386

    2. Dramatic BG tune 6
    Timing 7:07-8:01.

    3. Dramatic BG tune 7
    Timing 10:04-10:59.

    4. Tere payaliyan fast version
    Timing 11:59-12:28.

    5. Tere payaliyan sad humming BG tune
    Timing 18:33-19:20.

    6. Neel sad BG tune
    Timing 20:22-20:42.

    Episode 387

    7. Kyunki itna pyar tumko theme BG song duet version
    Timing 4:00-5:19.

    8. Kyunki itna pyar tumko theme love BG tune duet version ( short )
    Timing 5:50-6:13.

    9. Saloni arti BG tune
    Timing 14:50-15:28.

    10. Dramatic BG tune 8
    Timing 21:14-22:09.

    Episode 732

    11. Saloni - Nahar sad BG tune 1
    Timing 1:03-2:11.

    12. Saloni - Nahar sad BG tune 2
    Timing 17:48-18:30.

    Episode 733

    13. Manno bhabi sad BG tune
    Timing 2:09-2:36.

    14. Nahar sad BG tune
    Timing 24:34-26:03.