Jinn - E - Anguthi Theme

Sajda - E - Shukra (Version 2)

Aladdin Yasmine Theme Song (V6)

Ali Bg Tune

Omar Bg Tune (Version 2)

Zain Bg Tune

Ruksaar Bg Tune

Aladdin Meher Bg Tune

Aladdin Yasmine Theme Song (V7)

Ali Bg Tune 2

Genie Meanie Theme Music

Aladdin Sad Theme Song

Aladdin Title Song (Version 2)

Updated On 29.11.19

Aladdin Yasmine Theme Song (V8)

Aladdin Yasmine Theme Song (V9)

Aladdin Sad Theme Song (Version 2)

Zafar Bg Tune 2

Hiblis Theme Song 

Updated On 03.04.2020

Aladdin Bg Tune 1

Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga (Flute Whistle Tune)

Aladdin Title Song [Instrumental]

Ilmi Baba Theme Music

Zafar Bg Tune 3

Genie Meanie And Ginu Theme Music

Allah Mere Rasool

Maula Theme Song

Sajda - E - Shukra (Version 3)

Yasmine Theme Music 3

Aladdin Lori Full Song (Kayi Jannatein Tune Tofe Mein Di Thi)

Aladdin Yasmine Theme Song (V10)

Aladdin Yasmine Theme Song (V11)

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  1. Maa kehke pukara..... ringtone cut kr do axa wala Bhai plz๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  2. Please bring the theme , Allah mere rasool from Aladdin !

  3. Allah mere Rasool song not available

  4. Please bring the Hone Lage Yeh Silsile Full song

  5. Alah mere rashool wala gana nahi hey bhai
    Plse bring that

  6. Plz bring full song hone lage yeh silsile

  7. Bro ab nhi download ho raha

  8. the latest song aisa kyu hai yeh silsile aankhon ke in season 3

  9. and the latest yasmine kali chorni tune in season 3