Tu Aashiqui Colors TV Serial Songs Download | Tu Aashiqui (2017) Serial Songs Download

Tu Aashiqui Title Song (Official) (Dil Ki Kitaab Mein Dekha Jo Khwab Mein)

Tu Aashiqui (Female Version) (Sansein Meri Sansein Nahi...)

Har Dafaa (Official) - (Ankhein Teri Roothi Roothi Kyun Lage)

Tu Aashiqui (Romantic Version) (Official) (Sansein Meri Sansein Nahi...)

Khushi (Male Version) Official (Pal Do Pal Ki Nahi)

Note 1: Let us know if we missed any other songs or BG tunes of the show. So that we can try to add them to the list.

Note 2: Please request the songs with aired dates (or) episode no. if possible with song/tune timing.


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  4. Please Sir sasural simer ka

    Colours channel serial

    Episode 1101

    12 February 2015

    Timing;- 17;50 ,to 20;3

    Please Sir upload karo

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  6. Tu aashiqui serial

    (1) episode 1
    Dramatic bg tune
    Timing;- 15;34 to 16;03

    (2) aahan and pankti love tune oh oh..
    Timing;- 16:04 to 17;18

  7. Tu aashiqui

    (1) episode 2
    Aahan and pankti love bg tune oh oh..2
    Timing;-26;00 to 27;45

  8. Tu aashiqui serial

    (1) episode 3
    Aahan and pankti love bg tune
    Timing;- 0;6 to 0;35

    (2) aahan and pankti love bg tune
    Timing;- 25;40 to 26;31

  9. Tu aashiqui

    ,(1) episode 4
    Aahan and pankti sad tune
    Timing;- 0;5 to 0;45

    (2) dramatic bg tune
    Timing;-16;20 to 17;02

    (3) episode 08
    Pankti bg tune na na 2
    Timing;- 10;35 11;15

    (4) aahan and pankti na na la la.. bg tune
    Timing;- 14;45 to 16;06

    (5) episode 09
    Aahan and pankti love tune
    Timing;- 0;54 to 1:48

  10. Tu aashiqui serial

    (1) episode 5
    Aahan and pankti love bg tune
    Timing;- 17;12 to 18;18