Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Colors Serial Title Song Download | Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (2016) Serial Songs Download

Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat (Extended Version)

Khud Mein Main Tujhe Chupa Loon (Tu Hi Mera Khuda Version)

Updated On 22.08.2019

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Opening Montage Bg Tune 1

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Opening Montage Bg Tune 2

Shakti Title Song (Official)

Rooh Ki Ek Ruba Hai Tu (Title Song Female Version)

Sab Rab De Bande

Harmaan's Bg Tune 1

Harmaan's Bg Tune 2

Harmaan's Bg Tune 3

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu (Mantra)

Jag Begana Hoya Na Peer Parayi Samjhe (Official)

Yeh Naseeba Bhi Kya Cheez Hai

Nimmi Soumya's Bg Tune

Harman Soumya's Bg Tune 1

Harman Soumya's Bg Tune 2

Harman Soumya's Bg Tune 3

Saumya's Theme Music

Shakti Dramatic BG Tune 1

Shakti Dramatic BG Tune 2

Shakti Dramatic BG Tune 3

Tu Mann Ki Baat Hai Mere

Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat (Instrumental Version)

Dil Kyun Teri Aur Chala Re

Updated On 02.04.2020

Nimmi's Sad Bg Tune 1

Nimmi's Sad Bg Tune 2

Harman's Bg Tune 4

Sowmya's Courage Bg Tune

Nimmi's Sad Humming Bg Tune

Shakti Dramatic BG Tune 4

Shakti Dramatic BG Tune 5

Shakti Opening Montage Bg Tune 3

Jatatavigalajjala Pravahapavitasthale (Mantra)

Mangalam Bhagvan Vishnu (Bg Mantra 1)

Virat Heer Bg Tune 1

Virat Heer Bg Tune 2 (Tu Hi Mera Khuda Fast Version)

Virat Heer Bg Tune 3 (Sa Sa Ni Sa SaSa)

Virat Bg Tune 1

Virat Bg Tune 2

Heer Bg Tune 1

Heer Bg Tune 2

Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat (Duet Version)

Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat (New Female Version)

Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat (New Male Version)

Tujhe Rehnuma Main Bana Loon (Tu Hi Mera Khuda New Duet Version)

Tu Hi Mera Khuda (Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat)  (New Female Version)

Mangalam Bhagvan Vishnu (Bg Mantra 2) (Virat Heer Gets Married)

Tadeva Lagnam Sudinam Tadeva (Mantra)

Updated On 29.08.2020

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  1. Please upload kasam tere pyar ki all background music

  2. Please Sir

    Kasam serial ka all bg tune ko upload karo

  3. Shakti ashititva ki ahsaas ki
    Episode 966
    Timing;- 0;1 to 0;5 ( opening montage)
    Timing;- 3:13 to 4;03 (bg tune)
    Timing;- 4;37 to 5;13 (bg tune)
    Timing;- 6;27 to 7;55(tera ishq meri ibadat song new version male song )

    1. Shakti ashititva ki ahsaas ki
      Episode 967
      Timing;- 4;06 to 4;24 vihan bg

      Timing;; 11;26 to 12:00
      tu hi mera khuda female sort bg song

      Timing;; 14;44 to 15;38 tu hi mera khuda bg song

      Timing;- 17 13 to 18;55 heer bg tune

  4. Shakti ashititva ki ahsaas ki

    Episode 968

    Timing;- 7;03 to 7;30 vihan and heer bg

    Timing;- 17;11 to 17;24 heer bg tune

  5. Shakti ashititva ki ahsaas ki

    Episode 969

    Timing;- 0;5 to 0;40 heer bg

    Timing;-;15;38 to 16;33 tu hi mera khuda

    Timing;; 4;11 to 4;42 virat and heer bg

    Sorry sir

    Virat ke jagah vivan likha gya sorry

  6. Shakti ashititva ki ahsaas ki

    Episode 971

    Timing;- 0;27 to 0;51 heer bg

  7. Please upload heer and virat's new Tu hi mera khuda version.

  8. Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaahs Ki-Colors Tv

    30th May 2016
    1)Dramatic Tune 1 - 15:02 to 15:25
    2)Dramatic Tune 2 - 30:05 to 30:26

    31st May 2016
    3)Nimmi's Sad Tune - 9:49 to 10:18
    4)Sad Humming Tune -11:02 to 11:30

    9th June 2016
    5) Nimmi's Sad Tune2 - 01:16 to 01:37
    6) Title Opening Tune - 00:00 to 00:04

    24th June 2016
    7)Harmaan's Tune - 15:27 to 16:21

    4th July 2016
    8)Mangalam Bhagavana Vishnu(Bg Mantra) - 12:57 to 14:21

    4th February 2019
    9)Sowmiya's Courage Tune - 03:30 to 04:25

    1. Please update it April 2nd to April 5

    2. Heer sad bgm and heer happy moments bgm and Virat full bgm.....i am from Nepal.

  9. 1. E 1008 (7:41 -9:48)
    2. E 904 (18:26-18:59)

    Admin pls upload bgm as listed above. Tq

    1. Hi admin, is it possible for me to hear these bgms soon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Yes. I'll update them on this Thursday

    3. Admin, there's a mistake in the timing for episode 1008.

      Correct timing -08:09-09:20

    4. Updated list of bgm

      Episode 1008-8:09-9:20 (Mangalam Bhagwan)

      Episode 1009- 16:20-17:06 (Tadeva lagnam)

      Episode 904-18:26-18:59 (Shiv tandav)

      Here's the updated list admin. Hope it will ease you. Tq

    5. Thank you so much for spending ur time on this. Appreciate it

  10. Not able to hear ur uploads
    Why so???

  11. Shakti Ek Asthitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Serial songs (Colors)
    Song name
    a. Tera Ishq hai meri ibaadat full (female new version)
    Episode 1025 Season 1 Timing 4:47
    b. Yeh naseeba bhi kya cheez hai new version
    Episode 1027 Season 1 Timing 9:48

  12. Shakti..6 september 2020..timing 3:39 to 4:20 and 7:14 to 7:50...13 September 2020 timing 22:31 to 23:27 and 16 September 2020 timing 3:52 to..full heer bgm and 4:56 to...full virat bgm. Plz upload soon...I am big fan of Shakti serial from Nepal.