Mamta Zee Tv Serial Songs Download | Mamta (2006) Serial Songs Download

Mamta Title Song (Zindagi Mere Saath Chal Mein Teri Saugaat Hoon)

Akshay Mamta Bg Tune 1

Mamta Sad Bg Tune 1 (La La Lala..)

Mamta Sad Bg Tune 2

Mamta Sad Bg Tune 3

Krish's Bg Tune (Mamta's Son)

Mamta Dramatic Bg Tune 1

Mamta Happy Bg Tune 1

Mamta's Aarti Bg Tune

Mamta's Sad Bg Tune 1 (With Dialogues)

Mamta's Sad Bg Tune 2 (With Dialogues)

Mamta's Sad Fast Dramatic Bg Tune

Akshay Mamta's Sweet Bg Tune

Akshay Mamta Wedding Bg Mantra

Mamta's Title Song (Instrumental Flute Version)

Mamta's Title Song (Sad Humming Bg Tune)

Pratima Villian Bg Tune

Mamta Title Song Sad Version 1 (Zindagi Koi Jane Na)

Raaste Ab Viraan Hai (Title Song Sad Version)

Zindagi Koi Jane Na (Title Song Sad Version)

Tha Abhi Khushiyon Ki Chaman (Title Song Sad Version)

Sanjana Krish's Love Bg Tune 1

Sanjana Krish's Love Bg Tune 2

Sanjana Krish's Grahpravesh Bg Tune

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