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Morey Jiya Bg Tune

Added on 10.04.16

Morey Jiya Happy Bg Tune

Morey Jiya Sad Bg Tune (With Dialogues)

Jiya Re Bg Music

Added on 22.06.19

Swadheenta Entry Bg Tune

Morey Jiya Main Kya Tere Bin (Jiya Re Song)

Jiya Re (Unplugged Verison) - Shaan

Adarsh Sad Bg Tune

Jiya Re Tune (Male Version)

Morey Jiya Main Kya Tere Bin (Sad Instrumental)

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  1. Please Sir

    Life ok channel serial

    Rishton ke saudagar bazi gee

    Episode 1

    Timing;- 1:22 to 1:46

    Timing;- 3:11 to 3:31

    Timing:- 11;25 to 11;46

    Timing;- 38;12 to 39;39

  2. Please Sir

    Rishton ke saudagar baziger

    Episode 16

    Season 2

    Date 22 September 2016

    Timing;- 4:43 to 7;32