D4 - Get Up And Dance Channel [V] Serial Songs Download

Mikhail Bg Song (Door Hai  Sapna)  

Mikhail Baby Love Bg Tune 

Mikhail Bg Tune 1 (Short Version) 

Mikhail Bg Tune 2 (Long Version)  

Added On 10.4.16

D4 Get Up And Dance Official Songs (Shared By Bards Of The East

Dil Yeh Gareeb Kyun - Khudaya (Female Version)

Mikhail Theme Music + Song
Dooba Re Jiya Bin Tere (Female Version)

Added On 1.6.16

Dooba Re Jiya Bin Tere (Male Version) 

Dooba Re Jiya Bin Tere (Flute Version)

Dooba Re Jiya Bin Tere (Guitar Instrumental)

Mikhail Theme Music (Instrumental )

Dil Yeh Gareeb Kyun - Khudaya (Flute Version)

Tadpa Hi De (Male Version)

Tadpa Hi De (Female Version)

Note 1 : This is the Index Page for All Songs of D4 Get Up And Dance Serial - Channel V. All songs which are added in the site will be updated here.Let us know if we missed any other songs or BG tunes of the show.So that we can try to add them to the list.

Note 2 : Please request the songs with aired dates (or) episode no. if possible with song/tune timing.


  1. Mikhail theme song is not yet added . Can you add that too ?

  2. are these songs from some movie or something? i've been searching a lot but couldn't find them anywhere!

    1. Nope these songs are not from any movies.These songs are composed by band "Bards Of The East" for the show D4.

  3. Hey.... I m unable to download these songs... :(... Plz help me out..

    1. Hi,but the links working perfectly.Do check them once again.If u still can't download leave me a message in the "Request Here" section.

  4. These songs..finally you people have uploaded here..I've been searching these songs from the day the serial had started & nearly searched the entire website for hours..& today suprisingly got this..
    Thank you..
    I would also like if you all upload the song "tarpa hi de"..dated 28th march..after baby leaves the masquerade party telling Mikhail she is not his aneri & dia tells Mikhail this is the end..the song played that moment..Tarpa hi de..

  5. wow..amazing songs..music, lyrics,voice ..super..so touching..my favs..& i loveee d4..such a wonderful story..& wow Mikhail & baby..great acting & amazing chemistry..keep it up guys..ummmwahx!!<3 <3

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  7. Please can you upload the lyrics.. I jus love all the songs of D4
    I am a fan of entire D4 team.. Good job

  8. Hy....this serial is awesome its my fav.show.......is it z finish.......

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  10. Can you upload the music of Episode No. 22 that was at around 12.06 mins while Mikhail was thinking where his Aneri is and then Baby was seen outside. The same music was also used when Mikhail was telling the shortlisted girls about Aneri and Baby was in her thoughts dreaming of herself as Aneri and dancing. It was the same music. If you can, then please do upload that too